Diveheart provides scuba diving opportunities for children, adults and veterans with disabilities

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  • Published on Thursday, 06 November 2008 20:11

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Underwater: A Personal Journey

Diveheart Front and Center

Diveheart teams up with Operation Suppport our Troups

JC Gil

Andy Ferraro

Ana Calvo

Extreme Chairing

Future Diveheart World Head Quarters

Peter Schroder: Adaptive Dive Pioneer 

Ericka Remington

 Greg Rodriguez, Veteran By Wendy Foster

 Rick Olson, Veteran By Wendy Foster

Boy Scout Troop By Wendy Foster 

Stephanie Dominici By Wendy Foster

Oct 2009

Jessica Cox's Story By Wendy Foster

Aug 2009
"I will never, ever be helpless" By Sara S. Koehnke
July 2009
The Last One's Chosen By Dan Barrett
June 2009
Feeling Free and Flying Underwater By Shelly White
May 2009
A Call to Action? By Jim Elliott
Apr 2009
Compassion: The Mother of Invention By Dan Barrett
Feb 2009

In Memorium By Andy Birtley

Nov 2008 Disability Article By Dawn Callahan
Oct 2008 Matt Johnston's story By Matt Johnston
Sept 2008
2008 ICRE-R Scuba Trip By Dan Barrett
Aug 2008
Derrick's story By Derrick's mother
July 2008

Key Largo, Florida Trip with RIC and Diveheart By Sara Koehnke

May 2008

Ciara's story By Ciara

Apr 2008 The Power of Scuba By Jim Elliott
Feb 2008 Shake-A-Leg Miami (SALM) and Diveheart By Kerry Gruson and Jordanna Heywood
Dec 2007

Aurora University Students Continue Fundraising Efforts By Dan Barrett

Oct 2007

Born to Help: Kiel Brown By Dan Barrett

Aug 2007

Diveheart's Buoyant Force: Vice President Dawn Engler By Dan Barrett

July 2007

Bill Bogdan: Maker of Possibilities By Dan Barrett

May 2007

The Equality of Diving By Dan Barrett

Apr 2007

Ashley and her diving story By Dan Barrett

Mar 2007

The Word is Spirit By Dan Barrett

Feb 2007

"We'll Find a Way" By Dan Barrett

Dec 2006

I Won't Give Up On You By Dan Barrett

Nov 2006

Mike Letch: The Annoyance of Gravity By Dan Barrett

Oct 2006

Enjoying the Ride: Greta Neimanas By Dan Barrett

Sept 2006

The Buddy System

July 2006

A truly magical moment By Dan Barrett

June 2006

Revaca and Her Diving Experience By Dan Barrett

May 2006

Hello to all the “Friends of Diveheart.”  By Cody Unser

Apr 2006 Jacques Cousteau: The Man Who Taught Us How to Fly By Dan Barrett

Mar 2006

Dan's Trip to Copper Mountain By Dan Barrett

Feb 2006

Jessica's Trip to Key Largo By Jessica

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