Diveheart provides scuba diving opportunities for children, adults and veterans with disabilities

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  • Published on Thursday, 06 November 2008 20:23
  • Sponsor - The cost of support, training, equipment or dive travel for a diver with disabilities
  • Be a Dive Buddy - Certified SCUBA divers can learn to assist divers with disabilities both in the pool or open water
  • Become an Instructor - Earn further certification to teach divers with disabilities
  • Volunteer for Events - Help out at DMW & DIVEHEART fundraisers, outings and activities
  • Be a Business Friend - Support DMW & DIVEHEART through direct financial, product or service donations
  • Carry & Display Merchandise - Diveshops, retailers and other businesses can display and resell DIVEHEART trademark merchandise - all proceeds benefit DIVEHEART & DMW programs
  • Contribute - By donating and leveraging resources, financial support and personal or professional skills
  • Contact Diveheart - By calling 630-964-1983 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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