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Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but they certainly have the heart—Diveheart. Our organization is nonprofit and driven by the generosity of passionate, hardworking volunteers. Tried and true, SCUBA therapy works.


By supporting a diver, you give that diver the opportunity to experience the benefits of zero gravity and Scuba Therapy with Diveheart. YOU can make a difference with your support! YOU can change a life!

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By joining the Diveheart team, you will become part of one of the most innovative nonprofits in the diving world. Diveheart relies on the participation and donations of people like you to support our adaptive diver programs. Your involvement is valuable regardless of whether you are on the surface, underwater or just spreading the word. Please support Diveheart, share the Diveheart story, and come join us at an event. We are about you!


As a leader in the world of Adaptive Scuba training, Diveheart brings adaptive divers, buddies and instructors the latest most innovative program in the industry. Through our adaptive scuba adventure trip, Diveheart gives adaptive divers and buddies a wide variety of places to go where they can improve their skills, get more experience and make new friends. Our instructor directory matches adaptive divers with Diveheart instructors around the world.

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Diveheart trips can be awesome social opportunities for adaptive divers, buddies, their families and friends. Our “total Immersion” adaptive training philosophy on Diveheart trips gives buddies, instructors and adaptive divers the experience and confidence they need to be a safe and effective member of an adaptive dive team. 

Instructor Directory

The Diveheart Instructor Directory is a great resource for prospective adaptive divers and certified divers who want adaptive training. Click here to find a Diveheart instructor near you.

Are you ready to become a certified Adaptive Diver or do you want to become a Diveheart adaptive dive buddy, advanced buddy or instructor so that you can help adaptive divers in pools and dive spots around the world? Click here to get started.






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At times we all need an Angel…This is your chance to become one and help others.


Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but they certainly have the heart. Diveheart is a 501 C3 non profit driven by the generosity of passionate, hardworking volunteers. Tried and true, SCUBA therapy works. With the help of caring individuals like yourself, Diveheart continues to grow, and so does our reach and influence. If you’re passionate about our cause, consider yourself family—but before you do, why not fill out a volunteer application. Making the world a better place isn't easy and we could use your help both in and out of the water.



We owe the enormous success of our vision to the generous support of our sponsors—helping children, adults and veterans all around the world. With helping hands, Diveheart has accomplished incredible feats in the service of rehabilitation and SCUBA therapy. Our continuing strategic partnership with our sponsors will enable Diveheart to increasingly grow with new programs, experiences and families. Together, we have and will continue to revolutionize underwater therapeutic experiences, bringing infinite new possibilities to those with disabilities. We encourage you to glance at the list below to see who has helped make all this possible.